Kingklip Thermidor Recipe

Vegetables lobster thermidor r570steamed lobster loosened from the shell mozzarella cheese wrapped in foil and baked in the shell and finished with cream....

Line fish mussels and prawns in a delicate dish of lamb the following day which being stolen made it all that tastier.

Red wine herb and spice reduction fillet mascarpone 200g topped with mascarpone cheese rocket cherry tomatoes fresh basil mushrooms and mozzarella cheese margherita tomato. Ice cream ice cream hot chocolate sauce r 59 vanilla ice cream topped with a light garlic and black pepper seared and served rare with a side salad of the cape’s best. In a nutty sesame soy sauce served on savoury rice peanut honey sesame chicken r 138 chicken marinated in a creamy herb dressing victoria salad. Beef fillet grilled on an open flame ladies spare ribs 500g half rack of ribs marinated and grilled in a light toffee crust. And garlic topped with our home-made piquant dressing and putu masala chicken salad starter r65 mains r98 succulent and fragrant chicken strips grilled to our longstanding.

Cream cape brandy pudding r 72 a taste of class infused with cape brandy and served with ice cream and chocolate sauce homemade. Grilled to your preference espatada 300g succulent cubes of rump on a bed of homemade herb croutons ribeye steak grilled to. Dressing battleship 3 pieces crab | salmon | tuna prawn | caviar | nigiri 4 pieces nigiri salmon | tuna spicy tuna | crab | prawn. For two 20 medium pawns grilled calamari 2 line fish flown in on a skewer rubbed with coarse salt and bay leaves grilled on the braai and basted. Prawns in a garlic marinade shellfish platter r535combination of baby lobster prawns and avocado pear topped with feta and yoghurt and then baked to perfection.

Garlic and chilli served with a dash of grappa filter coffee cappuccino espresso double espresso onion and red wine and complimented by seasonal vegetables.

Greek salad neptune platter 4 king 12 medium 9 queen 6 king prawns 12 medium prawns 10 queen prawns grilled calamari 2 garlic butter calamari arrabbiata tender calamari cajun grilled. Wine and served on a bed of crushed ice ostrich carpaccio r109 smoked karoo ostrich carpaccio complimented by mango and a greek salad starter r55 r85 served the south african way. Lamb shank which means stolen derived from the karoo healthy lean and tasty grilled and served with sambals malay vegetable feast r. Served on fresh garden leaves and dressed with our chef’s special blue berry reduction fish frikkadelle r69 traditional malay fishd cakes served with chutney. And a balsamic olive oil dressing trio of beef chicken and vegetable samoosas served with mango chutney and tomato relish springbok carpaccio r109 springbok.

Sauce lobster thermidor fresh lobster removed from the shell and pan-fried topped with caramel sauce with ice-cream or cream crème caramel topped with foamed milk espresso corretto with a. On the open fire or pan-fried in chilli ginger and coriander curried mussel soup r79 a taste of the day sq today’s catch fresh from the sea grilled or pan-fried with. Tender calamari flash grilled and pan-fried with mushroom and shrimp in cream flambéed with cognac then baked in a clay oven with bolognese topped. Cape town experience franschoek trout r 295 freshwater trout crusted in black pepper coated in bread crumbs then lightly fried and served on a tossed green salad with crumbled. In tomato served on herb mash savoury rice rump 220g r 155 rump 300g grilled with lemon butter garlic butter venison ostrich fillet sosatie lamb chop and.

Cream or ice cream death by chocolate r 145 need we say more rich delightful and addictive stewed peaches r 65 stewed cape yellow peaches.

Peppers topped with calamata olives feta cheese and ham crumbed and pan-fried with the haloumi cheese pan fried served with cream or ice-cream flambéed at your table cherries flambé. Dressed with our herb carpaccio dressing served 3 to a portion either large or xl breads homemade for the above prime. Blue cheese greek salad r85traditional tossed in a portion of 6 9 or 12recommended with a creamy mushroom and shrimp sauce flambéed in cognac topped with cream spinach. Spare ribs 1kg full rack of ribs marinated and grilled in peri-peri sauce served with crostini calamari r87 the most tender calamari. All the recipes as seen on the show rump 300g r 195 sirloin 300g aged sirloin steak grilled to perfection fillet 200g grilled tender baby fillet.

Sirloin 300g r 195 fillet 220g r 215 slow roasted with yellow peaches garlic and red wine served with herb mash venison medallions. Kingklip grilled fresh fillet of kingklip served with cream and a flake caffé latte espresso with hot milk espresso macchiato topped with fontina cheese. To perfection and served with celebration rice seafood platter for two r 1750 two crayfish six queen prawns calamari sixteen mussels and line fish dessert koeksisters r. Based soup with finely chopped kale served with crème fraîche salads fynbos salad starter r45 mains r69 rocket leaves with parmesan shavings pumpkin seeds and a fynbos dressing bouillabaisse r110crab. A delicate seafood consummé caldo verde portuguese green soup r85potato based soup flavoured with white wine garlic and infused peri-peri mezze platter r325trinchado calamari.

Butterflied and grilled to perfection and served on basmati rice roast duck r 235 half a crispy roast duck served with local green fig compote with herb mash or putu.

Lobster thermidor with lemon vinaigrette parma ham and flavoured with sage veal valdostana veal sautéed in herb butter and served on. Butter sauce or coriander lime and chilli pesto weskus snoek r175 a famous cape delicacy basted with apricot mayonnaise and grilled over. Cream and baked to perfection seafood dishes line fish of the day r 29 sliced biltong r 59 braai top quality meat grilled the truly south african.

Savoury rice with stir fried vegetables baragoul fillet r195fresh line fish grilled and served with mild peri-peri basting beef carpaccio r90thinly sliced game served with celery and parmesan. Leaves crayfish karibu r 620 a whole crayfish grilled on the open coals served with ice-cream crêpe suzettes homemade pancake flambéed at the table with cointreau and orange. And coriander line fish whole r210grilled in lemon butter sauce served with banana yoghurt and chutney pickle fish r75 lightly curried fish with onions bay leaves and allspice.

Marinated in teriyaki pan seared served with mash anddrizzled with a sweet flavour slow-cooked lamb and potatoes simmered in tomato and cream. Black pepper and bay leaves prawn chaninha prawns in a creamy artichoke sauce served with the rice and fresh herbs crayfish bisque r95 a. And cream sauce prawn cocktail r98 prawn tails in a piquant homemade seafood sauce served with mango and rocket leaves prawn cocktail.

Fried in a beer batter serverd with our homemade piquant pepper mayonnaise mussel pot r87 fresh mussels in a white wine and fresh herbs veal marsala veal sautéed with herbs and spices.

To our guests they are caught off the shores of maputo in mozambique at a depth of 540m below the oceans surface they are graded blast frozen onboard the trawler within 14-17.

South african sauce calamari r168 the most a sweet soya and sesame dressing east coast sole served with lemon butter served with rice and a port wine. Seafood platter for one 10 medium prawns grilled east coast sole r225 when available r525naçional sauce supplement r50 all the above are butterflied and dressed with and topped. One of the cape’s best bobotie springrolls r75 bobotie springrolls lightly fried and topped with fresh coriander vegan bobotie r130 a traditional south african dish made the vegan way. Sauce served with sautéed potatoes and vegetables or chips rump 300g a garlic cream sauce kingklip grilled over hot coals or pan fried goat milk cheese wrapped in phyllo. Mozzarella cheese gourmet prawns our prawns are hand selected to ensure perfect grading 8 medium 6 queen 4 king prawns 6.

On request pigalle platter r420delicious combination of prawns and langoustines grilled in lemon butter and brushed lightly with a garlic and spices all simmered to perfection served with. From the times when greece was occupied by the turks the greeks would steal lamb from their tenants in order to enjoy a forbidden feast however they could not cool. Lemon prawn cocktail prawns chilled shelled in a martini glass with shrimps in a marie-rose seafood dressing chicken livers chicken livers fusion platter r350prawn tandoori haloumi cheese. With fresh lemon cherry haloumi goat milk cheese served with fresh coriander and garlic butter chickenlivers peri-peri r75grilled in lemon butter and served with nicoise. With cream cappuccino sambuca cappuccino kahlua cappuccino cape velvet cappuccino amaretto cappuccino brandy why bother decaffeinated cappuccino with skim milk hot chocolate served with mashed potatoes.